‘Task Force Dragon’ a success: Denmark’s key role in support of anti-ISIS mission

The  US-led Coalition noted today “Task Force Dragon, the Royal Danish Army contingent with Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve, concluded its Iraqi Border Guard training mission in Iraq, June 11, 2020 at Al Asad Airbase.”

“Task Force Dragon, like the rest of the Danish contingent, is a perfect example of why our Coalition has turned in such success against ISIS over these years,” said U.S. Army Col. Matt Brown, deputy commander of Task Force Iraq. “Great things happen when you gather the professional militaries from many nations and apply them to a clear and just mission.” – Coalition statement

Furthermore: “Since 2014, Task Force Dragon, of CJTF-OIR Task Force Iraq, has led the international Coalition’s effort to train more than 19,500 members of the Iraqi Border Guard Forces.”

According to other reports; “Denmark will deploy 285 military personnel to Iraq to train and advise Iraqi security forces fighting against Islamic State (ISIS) remnants.”

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