Two ISIS leaders killed

The Coalition says “On May 17, the Syrian Democratic Forces, partnered with the Coalition, raided an ISIS position in Deir Ezzor Province, Syria. Two ISIS leaders, Ahmad ‘Isa Ismail al-Zawi and Ahmad ‘Abd Muhammad Hasan al-Jughayfi, were killed during this operation.”

Also they note: “Ahmad ‘Isa Ismail Ibarhim al-Zawi, also known as Abu Ali al-Baghdadi, was the ISIS Wali of North Baghdad. As a regional leader, al-Zawi was responsible for disseminating terrorist guidance from senior ISIS leadership to operatives in North Baghdad. Ahmad ‘Abd Muhammad Hasan al-Jughayfi, also known as Abu Ammar, was a senior ISIS logistics and supplies official responsible for directing the acquisition and transport of weapons, IED materials, and personnel across Iraq and Syria.”

This comes amid increased ISIS activity.

And see here

And here

Also he was transferred:


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