ISIS rapidly increases attacks in Iraq, burning fields, attacking PMU and civilians

ISIS has been setting dozens of fires in Iraq.

“Members of Hashd al-Shaabi killed 2 others wounded in #ISIS attack in a village in Diyala province’s Udhem sub-district.” One report notes “Peshmerga commander in an interview with Rudaw today said #ISIS has managed to infiltrate into local militia groups, including tribal fighters created and supported by Hashd al-Shaabi in liberated areas, allowing them to launch attacks on security forces & civilians.” An operation was carried out in Diyala. PMU posted photos of theircasualties.

Lawk Ghafuri reports “My latest: #ISIS vows to release its male & female jihadists from the Iraqi prisons and “ramp up” the scale of their terrorist attacks inside #Iraq in a new video the group released on their propaganda Telegram channel on Friday called ‘Strike The Necks’.”


In addition “In Iraq, 2 policemen killed & 1 injured in 2 ISIS attacks, one attack in Kirkuk & one attack in Salah ad-Din.” David Witty notes “Iraq, 4 PMF (Hashd) members killed & 4 injured in ISIS attack on checkpoint in Azim subdistrict in Diyala Province. In another attack, 2 tribal PMF killed & 2 injured in ISIS attack on checkpoint in Maqdadiya district in Diyala Province.”


Getting worse


VBIEDs may be coming back also;


And attacks in Baghdad belt;


ISIS has lit dozens of fires as well;


A list of numerous fires;


Also reports about presence near Rutbah. Tom Cat: “south of Rutbah near the Saudi border where ISIS were known to have regrouped.”

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