Mounting evidence of major growth in ISIS activity

ISIS attacks are rapidly increasing in Iraq and Syria. In just several days in April numerous new attacks were reported in Iraq, and they are growing in sophistication.

Video from Salah-a-Din shows one such attack.

ISIS is also accused of burning fields

A list of ISIS attacks asserts that they have carried out at least 151 attacks in April, which is almost more than double their 88 attacks just months earlier in January.

The Coalition is also upping airstrikes, such as one in Hamrin mountains on April 29.

More attacks are also targeting PMU units, including the Salah-a-Din attack in Mkeeshfa. “Hashd al-Shaabi reports that their units in Samara in Saladin in north of #Baghdad are dealing with multiple #ISIS attacks from multiple frontlines,” Lawk Ghafuri notes.



In addition the attacks appear more widespread;


The problem of increased ISIS activity is compounded by US-Iran tensions and conspiracy theories that blame the US for the activity even though the same groups also want the US to leave


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