WHO and Int’l Community fail eastern Syria amid pandemic: Article and sources

Repors indicate little is done to help eastern Syria amid the pandemic:

In Friday’s statement, the autonomous administration also accused the WHO and the Syrian government of withholding critical information, saying they had known of the positive test result since April 2 but had said nothing, allowing the virus to spread.

“The Health Authority in northeastern Syria hold WHO responsible for a coronavirus outbreak among our people because the organization didn’t inform us about the case,” it said.

See the VOA report here.

he NYT report: The Kurdish-led administration in Syria’s northeast said on Friday that … in the northeast, a region ruled autonomously from Damascus,

Also see here.

Saleh Muslim, the deputy co-chair of the Democratic Unity Party, which is part of the government in northeast Syria, acknowledged that it’s misleading to blame the UN per se for the dysfunction. Rather, it’s the countries that form it that are the problem. “>

Coalition gives a fewdollars; In order to combat the spread of the virus, the coalition has in recent days provided the SDF with $1.2 million worth of face masks, handwashing stations, hand sanitizer and bleach for use in the prisons and hospitals in the area, according to the officers.

See details



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