ISIS activity increases in Iraq in early April 2020

ISIS snipers murdered two Peshmerga in Garmiyan area after clashes near Kulajo.

In addition numerous attacks elsewhere in Iraq,


Also activity near Taji and near Makhmour and Daquq, IEDs near Tal Afar, also four killed on April 5.


And “2 PMF were wounded during counterinsurgency operations near Muqdadiyah” on April 5. In Heet two civilians were murdered. A soldier died after fighting in Samarra on April 1. An IED near Jalawla. There was an incident near Knaus as well.

“2 PMF were wounded by an IED blast during a sweeping operation near Khanaqin yesterday. One of those 2 was the Deputy Commander for Diyala PMF Operations. Elsewhere in Diyala, 4 soldiers were injured after striking an IED during patrol near Jalawla.” And “The first killed 2 civilians near Halawat villages north of Hawija. The second killed 2 soldiers and wounded 4 others from 14/50 in Makhmour after striking the IED while returning to duty.”

On April 2 “1 civilian was killed after his vehicle struck an IED on the road near the village of Ramadaniyah near Jazeera Desert in Shirqat district. Victim’s name was Saad Ali Yassin.”


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