Two US solders killed in anti-ISIS op in Iraq

Two Americans were killed in Iraq during a raid on ISIS  near Makhmour. Reports note “they were apart of a Marine Special Operations Team and were clearing a well-defended cave complex in the mountains near Makhmur. Recovery required more US forces and took around six hours.”

First reports emerged several hours ago around noon Iraq time.

“Two US service members were killed while advising and accompanying Iraqi security forces during a mission to eliminate an ISIS terrorist stronghold in a mountainous area of north central Iraq on March 8.” The names were withheld.

Reports indicated many ISIS were killed.

“Iraqi CTService, in conjunction with International Coalition aircraft, kills 25 ISIS in helicopter air assault landing in Makhmur area in Ninawa Province. Another CTS air assault landing in Makhul Mountains in Salah ad-Din Province killed 3 ISIS.”


However ISOF had not reported the details  yesterday.

“ISOF didn’t report anything about KIAs on their end but we’ll see. There aren’t even reports about wounded yesterday.”

A view of the area of caves can be seen from last year;

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