US special ops in Syria still fighting ISIS

“Soldiers coach partner forces during a night range in Syria. CJTFOIR will continue to deny Daesh a physical space and influence in the area and work to deny them the resources they need to return suffering to the people in Syria,” the US says in Syria. 

Also in January 2020, “Thanks to the watchful eyes of our partner forces in #Syria, over 500 pieces of artillery, rockets and homemade mortars were removed from the hands of #Daesh militants.”

And “Syrian partner force commando cadets get instructions from Coalition trainers on a live-fire range in Syria. OIR operations, like this partner capacity training, are continuing.” 

In addition: “ISIS Oil Emir killed during partnered operations in Syria. Denying Daesh resources to fund terrorism is a big part of the mission.”

Despite some rumors of tensions with Russia in Syria, the US is working with locals at the same time,

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