New search ops against ISIS in Iraq amid December attacks

“A joint force from the 15th, 18th and 19th Brigades of the 5th Division of the Federal Police, in cooperation with the Intelligence Department and the Mechanized Infantry Regiment, and with the support of remote control drones, conducted a search and clear operation in Wadi al-Kour and the villages within the valley south al-Rashad sub-district within the Kirkuk Operations Division.”

This is one of several  operations carried out on December 11-12 by the Coalition.

Other details from online media:
Dec 19: Airstrikes near Hamrin mountains

Dec 18: 8 terrorists killed near Makhmour

the social media user  who tracks  security issues  in Iraq by the handle Tom Cat notes: “Civilian was killed after striking an IED in the Abu Saida area of Diyala this morning. Iraq Army launched an operation to clear the areas between Balad Ruz and Mandali, against the backdrop of the 4 soldiers from 5/20 who were recently killed in Al-Nada area.”

ISISpresence in Nineveh

Dec 17: Three oil trucks attacked near Baiji

An article notes that Peshmerga “have begun combing areas along the administrative border separating the provinces of Diyala and al-Suleimaniya, a local official said Tuesday (December 17th).” The operations cover the areas of Khanaqeen, al-Saadiya, Jalawla and Qara Taba, near the Kalar district of al-Suleimaniya province, said Peshmerga ministry secretary-general Jabar Yawar. The article notes “These include beefing up the Peshmerga’s 3rd and 5th brigades with additional troops, as well as deploying units equipped with heavy weapons, he said.”

Dec 16: Airstrike in Diyala

Dec 15: “ISIS targeted an Army unit during an armed attack near Nufal village in Muqdadiyah subdistrict, 2 killed and 2 wounded.” – see report.

Dec 14 Raid in Meteibeja by 21st Brigade, 10 ISIS killed

Raid in Samarra

Dec 12 “PMF confirmed the 7 deaths, with the affected unit being Brigade 314 which is still Saraya Salam,”  Tom Catnotes.

Motorcycle bomb in Diyala

4 fighters from Brigade 313 killed

Dec 10 Attack in Baqubah

Dec 6 “Tribal Crowd was killed near Azim after ISIS elements shot him while he was tending to his livestock.”
“ISIS attacked a police checkpoint near Wadi Aswaj on the outskirts of Jalawla”
Attack in Meteibeja area

Dec 5 Baqubah attack on police

Three killed near Kulaju

Dec 4
2 Peshmerga killed in action following an attack by ISIS on their position near Kardat village north of Khanaqin.

“Brigade 22 was attacked at one of their points on the mountains near Khanaqin,” the social media user  who tracks  security issues  in Iraq by the handle Tom Cat wrote.

December 1

“Two members of the al-Hashd al-Shaabi were killed and five wounded Sunday in an attack in the city of Diyala in eastern Iraq ” – Anadolu.

November 30

” Islamic State (ISIS) remnants attacked Kurdish security forces (Asayesh) in Diyala province’s Kolajo sub-district near the Iranian border late on Friday, killing a commander and two of its members.”- Rudaw.

November 24

Jalawla: Three soldierskilled

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