Rockets reported fired near Qayara (Q-West) air force base

Rockets have been reported fired on Friday night near the strategic and important Iraqi city of Qayarra (Qayara القيارة) south of Mosul. Al-Arabiya says that 17 rockets were fired.

Other sources spoke of the event happening around 8:30pm in the evening on November 8, 2019. Three gunmen were killed in a clash that may be related.

It appears that the Iraqi army and security institutions have confirmed that some rockets were fired.

It is not known if this is a ISIS attack or carried out by a different group seeking to harassing US and Coalition forces. In the past threats similar to this, including mortars and rockets, have fallen near Taji (June 17 and October 28) and Balad AFB (June 15), Baghdad Green Zone area (Nov. 3 and Sept. 23 and Oct. 30 and May 18). These have been blamed on Iranian-backed groups. It appears these groups, such as Kata’ib Hezbollah also targeted Saudi Arabia in May 2019. Iranian-backed units have allegedly harassed or interdicted US forces in Nineveh in February and also in Anbar in January.

Iraq has been rocket by protests in October and early November. Many groups might want to take advantage of the instability.



Read the book After ISIS to learn more about how the US and Iran got to this point.


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