Syria regime forces celebrate at Trump oil field

Syrian regime forces appeared to celebrate while taking the Mulla Abbas oil field area near a village they hoped to secure on November 5. US President Donald Trump has vowed to “secure” the oil. US forces patrolled these areas on November 3.

Kurdistan24 showed US forces on video on November 2

And others posted video also

Now the Syria regime might has plated its flag well along a string of villages from Qamishli toward Derik.

Regime elements had several Toyota trucks with them. Video of the oil field had been taken down by nightfall.

Sputnik wrote:

“Syrian Army enters one of Rmeilan oil fields … Video and photos”

The SDF controls 11 oil fields and the Assad government wants them back. They produce some of the oil that the Syrian regime needs. The regime needs 136,000 barrels a day but only has 24,000.


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