ISIS reconstituting in Al-Hol, several killed in recent days, clashes, extremism growing

On September 30 another woman was murdered by ISIS in Al-Hol camp, according to reports. In response some of the local security were involved in some kind of clashes with the extremist women.

Unsurprisingly the unregulated extremism where ISIS crimes go unpunished and the extremists are permitted to have their own hisba or police…has led to more violence.

The ISIS “sisters” are spreading hatred against “kuffar” via Whattsapp and other social networking services, unregulated and unpoliced, because no one wants to take responsible for the dangerous women in the camp. Instead they were allowed to kill, beat and torture the civilians.

The 80 member Coalition doesn’t invest resources or intelligence to monitor the camp, leaving it to the SDF which lacks funding and resources. European countries that exported 5,000 extremists to commit genocide in Syria and Iraq do almost nothing to bring back their perpetrators. In other incidents they bring them back and don’t prosecute or strip people of citizenship and dump them on the poorest part of Syria.

Reports indicate that in Australia an ISIS member got off recently.



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