Reactions to Turkey’s UN speech safe zone map

Many reactions after Turkey’s leader speaking at the UN showed a map spelling out the conquest of northern Syria and sending millions of refugees to it.

Anthony Avice du Buisson”

“Erdogan’s plans to extend the security mechanism under guise of humanitarianism is worrisome. What Erdogan is seeking to do through this is extend control of Turkish state in Syria and alter demographics of the region, as to make minority populaces smaller than they are.”

Zana Amedi “According to the latest figures released by SDC nearly 1 million IDP’s from various regions of Syria live in the Autonomous Adm. areas. Adding another 1 mil. with no financial support from outside as Erdogan suggests will deepen humanitarian crisis in NE Syria, won’t solve it.”

Another account: “While UN was formed in 1945 to prevent tragedies & conflicts like the WW II and the Holocaust, yet Erdogan uses it as podium to destroy the Kurds in NE-Syria just like what he did in #Afrin.”

Elizabeth Tsurkov: “Refoulement of refugees is illegal Demographic re-engineering is illegal Mass population transfers are illegal.”

And SDF Coordination and Ops center “Turkish president announces plans to UNGA for mass human rights violations in NE #Syria. He plans to strip people of their land and force demographic change. He has made his plan clear to ethnic ‘cleanse’ Kurds from NE Syria. The people won’t stand for it, we live in peace here.”


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