Preparing to commemorate five years since ISIS began genocide of Yazidis

Photos of a mass grave of Yazidis murdered by ISIS (Seth J. Frantzman)

Today the five year anniversary of the dark days of August 2014 are almost upon us, the five year commemoration of the genocide of Yazidis in Iraq carried out by ISIS as the world watched and did not do enough to stop the mass murder. In Iraq and elsewhere Yazidis and others are preparing to commemorate the horror which is ongoing as family members search for loved ones, and as people still cannot return to Sinjar. Many hundreds of thousands are still in IDP camps and many Yazidis have gone abroad.

This After ISIS period is one where the lessons of the genocide have not been learned and where there has been little investment in Sinjar or in Yazidis despite the large anti-ISIS coalition.

Many reports are looking back


And the urgent need for reconstruction

And the UN


And the horrid memories


Read the book about the ISIS war and its aftermath, available here


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