News from the ‘Will of Victory’ offensive against ISIS in Iraq

A new offensive against ISIS in Iraq has been dubbed ‘Will of Victory,’ it is the latest major operation designed to root out the remnants of ISIS. Here is some news about it.

Operation Inherent Resolve said on July 8 “Iraq launches ‘Will of Victory’ operation against ISIS sleeper cells.”

No Iranians present, but lots of PMU:

Iraqi security forces have launched a new operation, backed by international coalition airpower, targeting Islamic State (#ISIS) sleeper cells in the areas between #Mosul, Anbar, & Saladin.”

Ali Baroodi also says there was “Widespread attack on ISIS sleeper cells & tunnels in the desert to the West of Mosul. Up to this moment, over 50 ISIS spots were destroyed; many ammo caches were blown off. This operation is marked as the biggest since the liberation of Mosul.”

Details here:


And here:

Read the full account of the battle against ISIS and its aftermath in After ISIS

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