Six bodies in orange ‘execution suits’ founds in a mass grave unearthed in Raqqa

Jenan Moussa has a new report about the unearthing of a mass grave in Raqqa.

She writes: “I am in Raqqa, Syria. Search team here found bodies of 5 men wearing orange ‘execution suits’ in ISIS mass grave. Identities unknown. Team leader tells me: Might be missing journalists, activists, etc. These are 1st images.”

Details were also published at France24 and Al-Jazeera.  “Yasser al-Khamees, who leads a team of first responders, said on Wednesday the mass grave was discovered early last month on the southern edges of Raqqa, ISIL’s former de facto capital,” writes Al-Jazeera. Relating to the six bodies of the men in orange suits. ‘”They were shackled and shot in the head,” said Khamees, who heads a team of first responders.’



Moussa adds: “The 5 bodies found in ISIS mass grave in Raqqa are: -All males. -All dressed in #ISIS trademark orange “execution suits”. All handcuffed (plastic handcuffs) -All shot in the back of the head…most probably killed either in 2015 or 2016….So far around 200 bodies have been found there. All bodies will be reburied in a place called ‘Al Shamiya mountain.’…This is 3rd time that bodies dressed in orange “execution suits” have been found in ISIS mass graves…Only since 3 months ago, Raqqa council started keeping DNA samples of each body they find in ISIS grave yards.”

There were also three women bodies who were found who had apparently been stoned to death.

“Except for the 8 bodies (5men, 3women) found in two mass graves, all other 190+ graves contained one body each. But these 190+ unidentified people aren’t necessarily all ISIS victims. They might be dead ISIS fighters or civilians who died in coalition bombings of Raqqa,” writes Moussa. “In total, authorities in Raqqa found 4600 bodies at 14 separate ISIS grave yards. 800 bodies identified by family members. Over 3500 not identified. Again, these 3500 aren’t automatically ISIS victims but could also be ISIS fighters or civilians killed by coalition strikes.”

Later a sixth body was found:




Moussa has also tweeted the location.

Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 7.35.02 AM.png
Approximate location of mass grave

Mahmoud Sheikh Ibrahim writes: “I’ve worked on case of #American_aid_worker Kayla Mueller when she was killed early Feb 2015, and later, too. Most evidences indicate that her corpse is among these corpses of Fikhykha mass grave. Isis claimed that she’s been killed at Jordanian air strike but others said no.”



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