Bad News: ISIS “second comeback,” says ISW

The Institute for the Study of War has a new study out. It argues that “ISIS began reconstituting key capabilities in late 2018 that will enable it to wage an even more aggressive insurgency in coming months.”

Also it notes:

  • “ISIS’s insurgency will grow because areas it has lost in Iraq and Syria are still neither stable nor secure. In Iraq.”
  • “ISIS had as many as 30,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria in August 2018 according to a Defense Intelligence Agency.”
  • “ISIS declared the start of a new global campaign called the ‘Battle of Attrition’ on May 31, 2019. Its propaganda instructed its forces to seize terrain temporarily as a way to attrite their opponents.”
  • “The U.S. is repeating a critical mistake by deprioritizing this effort at a pivotal moment when our gains are at their most fragile.”

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