Global Coalition: ISIS is still a threat

A June 25, 2019 statement by the Political Directors of the Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh/ISIS, which met in a “small group” in Paris at the invitation of French Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves le Drian provided a statement about the current anti-ISIS policy. It builds on the Coalition’s Guiding Principles adopted in Kuwait City in February 2018 and a statement from the Ministers of the Coalition in February 2019.

“At its peak, Daesh/ISIS controlled nearly 110,000 square kilometers of territory, including major cities in both Iraq and Syria and attracted more than 40,000 foreign terrorist fighters. Today, Daesh/ISIS no longer controls territory and more than 7.7 million people have been freed from its control,” the global anti-ISIS Coalition says.

But the statement warns that ISIS is still a threat. “Nevertheless, Daesh/ISIS’s territorial defeat does not represent the terrorists group’s eradication or the end of the terrorist threat it poses. While it continues to inspire terrorist attacks through active propaganda efforts, Daesh/ISIS has also proved its resilience and adaptability, continuing to conduct lethal attacks.”

  • “We must continue to increase our humanitarian and stabilization financial contributions dedicated to the liberated areas.”
  •  “In northeast Syria, we continue to focus on providing humanitarian and stabilization assistance to improve the lives of vulnerable populations, setting the path for sustainable recovery from Daesh/ISIS occupation.”
  • “Daesh/ISIS and its affiliates have proved their ability to strike Coalition members and allies around the world. The recent Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka and subsequent statements by Daesh/ISIS leader al-Baghdadi reflect a renewed Daesh/ISIS focus on branch and network activity as a result of the loss of its so-called caliphate in Iraq and Syria.  By inviting Sri Lanka, Mali, and Burkina Faso to participate as observers in a Coalition meeting, the Paris event has demonstrated the willingness of the Coalition to share its expertise worldwide.”

Read the full report.

Read the book: ‘After ISIS: America, Iran and the Struggle for the Middle East.’


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