Report: Did ISIS carry out attack in Grozny

A shootout was reported in Grozny on June 23.  Video showed some of it.

Oliver Carroll wrote:News resource linked to Russian law enforcement reporting shooting near Chechen President Kadyrov’s residence in Grozny. One man reportedly killed.”

Other videos showed the street level, and photos showed graphic details:

More details

A message was sent to a Telegram channel, allegedly linked to the attack. Reports indicated the perpetrator supported ISIS.

Later reports claimed that ISIS had taken responsibility at night. Séamus Malekafzali writes: “ISIS has taken responsibility for a failed assassination attempt on Ramzan Kadyrov in Grozny, Chechnya today. The bulletin claims the 23-year-old local indentified as the assailant went by the kunya of Abdullah ash-Shishani.”

ISIS attempted an attack in August 2018 and 2016. Also Chechnya took back the children of ISIS members who were found in Syria. Some women were “welcomed” back. See February 2019 article.


More from Raphael Gluck:

And a previous incident



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