Remembering the Kobani massacre

A memorial in Kobani, Syria that mourns those murdered on June 25, 2015 during an ISIS massacre attack shows the graves of up to 270 people killed. “Tonight people &fighters of city lit 100s of candles next to the graves of their martyrs,” writes Harald Doornbos.

This terrible massacre is similar to others that ISIS carried out, such as the massacre of Shaitat tribesmen, genocide of Yazidis, Camp Speicher, the 2016 Karrada bombing in Baghdad, and the attack on Druze in 2018. It also reminds us of the ISIS attack in Suruc and in Paris.

ISIS is a genocidal organization. It has only one goal and that is genocide. Whether it is Kobani, or the Orlando attack or Sri Lanka, or Boko Haram massacres in Kano and other places, this is genocide.

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