America quietly re-settled American families of ISIS members

The New Yorker reports that families of ISIS members were quietly re-settled in the US.

Robin Wright notes:

“The two women and six minors, whose identities were not disclosed, are now being resettled at unnamed locations with help from the U.S. government. They are not the first citizens of the Islamic State to return. Four other Americans—three men and a woman—await trials on various charges of aiding or abetting the world’s most notorious terrorist group. Three more agreed to plea deals; one has already served time and been released. A lone American opted for a trial and was sentenced to twenty years, although his case is under appeal.”


The full piece.


Overall western governments have treated their ISIS members as a kind of . embarrassment, quietly trying to avoid talking about them or dealing with them. There is no effort to try to explain how people raised in progressive western countries joined a genocidal movement and why so many westerners (5,000 or more) went to Syria and Iraq to own slaves, genocide, and colonize foreign countries.

This is largely because western countries don’t seem to want to ask what went wrong in the last decades to produce this. And how they could and should have done more to stop it. Putting them on trial also raises difficult questions about the crimes they committed and what the western intelligence services knew.

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