ISIS claims attack in Mozambique and across Africa and Asia

ISIS has claimed an attack in Mozambique. There had been previous rumors of ISIS presence in 2018 but now the group itself has appeared to prove them correct.

Rukmini Callimachi writes “For the first time, ISIS claimed credit today for an attack in Mozambique. This follows their expansion into Congo and the attack in Sri Lanka. Three new countries that previously had no known ISIS presence. All were announced since the fall of the territorial caliphate:”

Also Mina Al-Lami tweets “IS claims for the first time having a presence in #Mozambique, assigning the country to IS’s so-called “Central Africa” branch. In a claim on 4 June, IS said it repelled an army attack on its militants in the northern Mocimboa da Praia.” She notes that BBC “last year published a thorough explainer about the problem of jihadism in Mozambique, particularly the northern province of Cabo Delgado.”

The attack is part of ISIS claims it is involved in a “war of attrition” and a map it has put out showing other attacks,

Clearly the group is trying to make major inroads across Africa, and spreading east, where it can.

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