Two articles look at Yazidi women struggling after ISIS

Two new articles look at the lives and struggles of Yazidi women after ISIS. Even though ISIS was defeated in March and has been largely destroyed in Iraq and Syria over the last year and a half, many Yazidi women who were kidnapped in 2014 are still suffering. Around 3,000 are also missing.


Time Magazine reports on “And what will become of the thousands of youngsters press-ganged into ISIS’s forces in northern Iraq? The terrorists separated Yezidi children from their families, sometimes killing their parents in front of them.”

A BBC piece also looks at Yazidis “secret children.” It explores the difficult choices women faced who had children as a result of rape. There were controversies in the community about bringing the community back and hurdles faced with Iraqi bureaucracy. The BB program notes “It is estimated that 80% of the Yazidi women rescued from the dying days of the so-called Islamic State have had children with their jihadi captors.”

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