Report: Yazidi journalist freed from ISIS after more than four years

A Yazidi journalist was reportedly rescued recently after years being held by ISIS. Reports indicated “Yazidi journalist, Navin Rasho, rescued from ISIS captivity in Syria. She was working with Sinjar Radio station, In 2014 ISIS abducted her from #Sinjar, Since that date, she is suffering from torture and sexual violence. Today, she is breathing the freedom again.”

Here name was also spelled Nevin Rashi in tweets. “After 5 years of being kidnapped and used as a slave, 25-year-old #Yezidi journalist from Shingal Nevin Rashi has finally been rescued from ISIS terrorists. She was a radio host for Jabal Shingal when she was kidnapped on 3 August 2014. There are about 2,900 Yezidis still missing.”

Many Arabic and local media also reported on her rescue. Kani Press wrote about it. They spelled her name in Arabic: نافين رشو ادريس

And it noted that she had been a radio announcer before August 2014. It said the SDF had helped locate her and that she was receiving assistance at the ‘Yazidi House’ in Syria. Other sites also reported her being saved. Reports noted she was 25 and “she was a media person who presented programs on the Jebel Shinkal radio.”

Sputnik reported the same story as did RT in Arabic and DNN.


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