ISIS claimed responsibility for Sri Lanka attack

ISIS claimed responsibility for the Sri Lanka attack that killed more than 250 people, one of ISIS worst international attacks.

In its claim ISIS said that it had targeted “Crusaders” during an “infidel festival.”

On 21 April 2019 bombs struck three churches and three hotels in Sri Lanka, most in Colombo, others struck a church on the eastern coast of the island. Over 70 have been detained.

It now appears there was a major security lapse. India provided intelligence about threats. Sri Lanka received reports on April 4 about the danger. Now it appears that there may have been intelligence going back months. Initial attempts to claim it was “retaliation” for the New Zealand attack proved hollow. It now appears local suicide bombers carried it out with some link to foreign extremists.

Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 12.55.42 AM.png
The ISIS claim of responsibility on April 23, 2019.

There is thought to be a continued danger.

I wrote five articles about the attack:

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