Friendly fire incident report in Iraq

On April 24 a friendly fire incident reportedly took place in Iraq.

The social media account ‘Tom Cat’ who tracks security issues in Iraq and the region reported “Reports of a Friendly Fire incident in Riyadh subdistrict. Coalition aircraft committed fratricide against a Federal Police checkpoint. One KIA and two wounded…the units targeted by mistake were Federal Police 3rd Division and a unit from Greater Ali Brigade. Wounded have been moved to the hospital for treatment by now.”





He later noted on April 25 “Can confirm it happened yesterday, even fighters from Greater Ali Brigade were with the police and caught in the incident. There are 2 wounded as well.”

Other accounts picked up the information on April 25.





In recent weeks Iraq has launched a major offensive against ISIS in the Hamreen mountains and ISIS has continued its activity in areas between Hawija and Qarachokh mountain. ISIS has carried out attacks from this area, in February it ambushed buses and killed security forces personnel. In 2018 after attacks Iraq also launched the ‘Revenge of Martyrs’ operation.

The Coalition has continued to support Iraqi Security Forces, carrying out air strikes and conducting training of over 190,000 Iraqis.

It comes in the context of continued operations in the area as well. David Witty writes “In Iraq, Forward Headquarters for Joint Operations in Kirkuk announces that Iraqi Security Forces have killed 6 terrorists & destroyed 8 terrorist safe house in Wadi Shay in south Kirkuk Province.”


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