German woman accused of harming Yazidi child goes on trial

An important, potentially precedent setting trial, in Germany has seen a woman put on trial for murdering a Yazidi child.

The woman is accused of war crimes

Details indicate “27-year-old German Jennifer W. The woman is accused of letting a 5-year-old girl she and her husband held as a slave in Islamic State-held territory in Iraq die of thirst.”

Also: “Jennifer W., a German citizen who joined ISIS, will be tried today on a number of charges related to terrorism in the Higher Regional Court of Munich. She enslaved a Yazidi child and her mother – the child died after being shackled outside on a hot day.”

The trial conjures up memories of the Holocaust and the role of those who joined the SS and Nazi party. In 2014 hundreds of Germans also joined ISIS, going to Iraq and Syria to carry out genocide, following in the footsteps of the Nazi crimes. It is also another example of privileged and powerful people from Europe coming to the Middle East to harm poor and vulnerable minorities, a legacy of colonialism and Nazism.