The Sahel is a frontline against extremist networks, and Europeans are there

A new article looks at the European role in the Sahel across a swath of Africa.

The War on the Rocks piece notes:

Challenges to the future of Barkhane and European engagement in the Sahel region should not be underestimated. Jihadist groups remain active and aggressive. Despite the planned Danish involvement, key capabilities remain scarce, and U.S. strategic air lift will continue to be vital to support Barkhane. Close coordination with U.N. peacekeeping operation MINUSMA must be sustained. The Joint Force created in 2017 by members of the “G5 Sahel” (Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, and Chad) to fight terrorist groups and human trafficking has made some important progress but is still confronted with funding problems.

Some details

  • “Of the 600 combatants neutralized by French forces since 2014, 200 were killed in 2018.”
  • Danish, UK, Estonia, German, Spanish role.
  • Sweden (heads MINUSMA)


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