40 reactions to announcement of defeat of ISIS in Syria

The defeat of ISIS was announced by the US on March 22 and by the SDF on March 23.

The following is a roundup of reactions:

Maj. Gen Ghika: “The end of the so-called physical caliphate does not signal the end of the campaign, the Coalition remains committed to the enduring defeat of Daesh and building the capabilities of the Iraqi Security Forces.”

SDF statement


More Coalition

Lindsey Graham


Rukmini Callimachi

“I rushed to Syria on Jan. 28, thinking the last village under ISIS rule was about to fall. I stayed there for 3 weeks, waiting for a place the size of Central Park to be liberated. It took 2 months. Finally today, the SDF announced they had retaken Baghuz:”


Jenan Moussa

“On a day like this, it’s necessary to remember those who fought ISIS & paid the ultimate price. Here a powerful pic (don’t know who took it) of The Martyrs’ Cemetery in Kobani.”

Mahmoud Othman

Josie Ensor

“Victory came at a high cost for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). They suggest here they lost 11,000 fighters and more than 21,000 were injured in the battle against ISIS”

Shervan Darwish

Yazda’s Murad

Some details from the ceremony.

Brett McGurk: “Congratulations to the for this remarkable & historic achievement. This diverse force of Arabs, Kurds, and Christians did the hard fighting & suffered thousands of casualties over four difficult years, pursuing town-to-town, block-by-block.”

Josie Ensor: “The battle took 1,737 days – four times longer than liberation of western Europe from Nazis. It took 100,000 bombs, two national armies, bands of militias, might of the US, UK and French air forces and coalition of 70 countries to defeat the jihadists”

Hassan Hassan: “Syria owes a *great* deal of gratitude to the men & women of the Syrian Democratic Forces. The SDF should be seen as work in progress, a decentralization & democratic project that needs to succeed.”

Yazidi account on Twitter: “Lets congratulate the brave women & men who destroyed the Islamic State. After 1000s of deaths of innocent civilians & 1000s of Yazidi women & girls who were kidnapped & still missing. ISIS, finally, has been defeated militarily in , but not completely in terms or ideology.”

Jonathan Schanzer of FDD


Hassoun Mazen: “ISIS has remained inside my head. For years, I have had a recurring nightmare: I am back in Raqqa, with the group hunting the city to find me. For me, the end of ISIS is the end of my nightmares.”

Donald Trump Jr.

Charlie Kirk wonders what would have been had Obama still been in charge.

Karl Sharro

International Volunteers

Asra Nomani “As a Muslim feminist , this brings joy to my : the fall of the Islamic State. Let us remember too many who lost their lives & innocence fighting ISIS. Now let us end the ideology of Muslim supremacy & Islamist extremism. May peace, secular gov of”

Liz Sly: “I wish I could say this is the last time we will ever write about ISIS. But it’s a huge moment, to be relished by its victims & by those who fought bravely to defeat it. Our take on the demise of the caliphate,”

Louisa Loveluck: “An announcement that the Islamic State’s caliphate has finally been defeated would be hugely significant. But the battle against the group isn’t over by a long way.”

William Roebuck: “We will continue to support our allies to ensure the region and the defeat of the threat of ISIS”. William Roebuck, senior US diplomat

Turkish Presidency: “The era of ambivalent attitude toward terrorist organizations must come to an end”

John Bolton: “Not long ago, ISIS controlled a vast amount of territory in the Middle East—we have now defeated its “caliphate.” The U.S. will continue to closely monitor the remnants of ISIS and continue to work alongside our Coalition partners to prevent any resurgence.”

Theresa May: “The liberation of the last Daesh-held territory wouldn’t have been possible without the immense courage of UK military and our allies. We will continue to do what is necessary to protect the British people, our Allies and partners from the threat Daesh poses.”

Michael Weiss: “Has ISIS been defeated? Nope. Losing territory doesn’t mean it’s still not a lethal and well-equipped terrorist insurgency. It’s mounted a serious comeback in Iraq already:”

Richard Hall “Does this mean Isis is defeated once and for all? Absolutely not. Dummy’s guide to the end of the caliphate here:”

Dilar Dirik “Baghouz. The grandchildren of Kawa the Blacksmith defeated ISIS and lit the ancient fire of Newroz on top of the mountains and hills in the country. “The tyranny is over!”, the women and men chant as they join the line dances of liberation. Newroz pîroz be!”

Wladimir Van Wilgenburg

Nervana Mahmoud; “Yes, I know that as a group is far from defeated, but as state it is. Let’s share the bitter sweet taste of victory with those brave fighters.”

Lawk Ghafuri “Now after is officially defeated in & we need to raise our voices & fight to bring those ISIS members who are responsible of displacing, executing, murdering & sexually abusing civilians to face justice & punish them hard. It is time to confront them in courts.”

Quentin Sommerville “At least 6,000 Kurds and 2,000 Arab fighters died fighting IS in Syria. A momentous and hard fought victory that follows the group’s territorial defeat in Iraq at the end of 2017. The Islamic State group is still a threat. Beyond what remained of their caliphate, the fight against the group continues.”

Jane Arraf:

Tragically a driver with an NBC team was killed by an IED.

“Muhamad Jumaa Alo, the driver who martyred today in out mine exploded at his car, other members of the team who were with him in the same vehicle were injured but all are fine.”

Mahmour Sheikh Ibrahim: “Isis geography has done and also officially but a lot of work still need to be done”

Diliman Abdulkader: “Congratulations to the SDF for defeating the Caliphate. 11,000 fighters lost their lives. 21,000 fighters injured.”

Seth J. Frantzman: “Thread: I’d like to be tweeting more about the defeat of ISIS after four years intensely covering this war; but I feel a bit of need to collect my thoughts. I want to understand what we’ve been though and what comes next. And to pause for all the victims.”

Lindsey Hilsum: “The wreckage of human souls: Our @Channel4News report on the end of the Caliphate.”

Alan Duncan: “Well done to the kurds yet again. Sadly daesh are regrouping, rebranding, the insurgency and ideology is harder to fight. The west must support the kurds, no more Kirkuks or Afrins!!! Time the western govts put loyalty to allies on the ground above BP oil …The battle to defeat a insurgency and ideology is harder than to fight on a battlefield. IS/daesh is far from finished, rebrand, regroup and changing tactics, they the experience from the days of Al qaeda from 2003 on, they old hands in the next phase sadly.”

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