March 17: Could there really be 5,000 more people in Baghuz

Latest details indicate that there may still be thousands of ISIS members in Baghuz. The area was supposed to fall this week, but video indicates it will not. Instead more people are still there and fighting.

More details are coming in, it now appear that in February there were still 20,000 people in Baghuz.

This has created a real crises to take care of the people.

The SDF also has new details. “SDF spokesperson Kino Gabriel updates situation from 1,600 killed, 25,000 captured, 82 SDF killed, 61 wounded.”

Overall 60,000 people have left Baghuz, including 5,000 ISIS fighters. 29,000 surrendered in Baghuz in total.

And SDF notes “Outcome of clashes last 24 hours: 29 ISIS killed, 18 airstrikes by Coalition. Large quantity of ammunition & weapons were seized.”

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