Baghuz update: Almost two months into the battle

As the siege and battle of Baghuz approaches its two month ISIS is still a threat. On March 15 ISIS members reportedly attempted to infiltrate members of their own trying to surrender with suicide vests. The Coalition writes “Daesh has proven to demonstrate a reckless disregard for human life and continues to be a global threat. The SDF takes all precautions to protect human life. We commend the for their bravery and sacrifice.”

On March 14 more than 1,000 ISIS members surrendered (estimated at 1,300), continuing a process of some 30,000 surrenders since mid-January.

The SDF also note that 19 ISIS fighters were killed, 1 SDF members was killed. There were 13 airstrikes.

Also ISIS attempted to infiltrate the surrendering groups: “After earlier today already 100s of daesh, their women & children came out of Baghouz & 3 of them blew up amongst those surrendering, tonight again 100s came out of Baghouz. The amount of daesh coming out of the area is totally crazy,” one account notes.

Mahmoud Sheikh Ibrahim notes “Twin suicide attach this afternoon, parents with kids exploded themselves against at the beginning of humanitarian corridor Heavy clashes erupted around 4pm lasted 15m. Shooting with light weapons mainly is hearing from time to time and heavy weapon also heard .”

The attack may have killed six and injured others.

Mutlu Civigoglu posts video from inside the liberated part of the camp.

A fire could be seen in the camp.

AFP has a new graphic of total ISIS death toll.

Jared Szuba reports on managing the IDP crises,

A clip from inside the Baghuz camp also appeared to show clashes with ISIS women,

1,200 people had left the Baghuz ISIS camp on March 14.

Video showed them leaving.

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