The Kurdish special forces Lexoman Parastin are aiding in the fight in Baghuz

The Kurdish special forces group Lexoman Parastin that is linked to the PUK and KRG is aiding in the battle of Baghuz according to photos posted online on their Instagram and other places. They show aa visit to Kobani and also the unit in Baghuz. The unit has been embedded and worked closely with US special forces in the past, especially in counter-terror ops in Kirkuk and more recently also with the SDF.

Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 5.07.21 PM.png
From Instagram screenshot

Photos show them celebrating the liberation of Yazidis in Baghuz. Hoshan Hasan writes “”Lexoman -Parastin” Special Forces in .”

Photos of them with the liberated Yazidi children were posted

A report in 2015 noted ” Today, CTG operators are nearly indistinguishable from a Western special operations unit. They wear Multicam uniforms, carry M4 rifles, and wear night vision devices. The unit has come a long way in over a decade of conflict, even if they were mostly hidden from the world, flying under the radar until the rise of ISIS brought CTG into the spotlight.”

Other photos show them meeting SDF members, being interviewed, the connections and training go back some time to 2017 and perhaps before. There were mentions of their involvement also in Raqqa in 2017.

They were present in Baghuz operations in early to mid-March,.

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