New reports shed light on Afrin and human rights abuses

New reports have shed light on human rights violations in Afrin. One at Kurdistan24 indicates that the US State Department documented violations last year.

By Wladimir van Wilgenburg, it notes:

“The State Department’s 2018 Human Rights Report, published on Thursday, documents several violations carried out by Turkish-backed Syrian rebels in Afrin and by the Turkish army itself, including the killing of civilians, which violates international humanitarian law.”

It also notes the looting carried out by pro-Turkish groups, “Syrian opposition groups supported by the Turkish government reportedly looted and confiscated homes belonging to Kurdish residents in Afrin.”

A UN report has also documented violations. Kurdistan24 notes:

A new report the United Nations ’Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Syria released on Thursday suggests armed groups in Afrin are guilty of war crimes.

“The Commission finds there are reasonable grounds to believe that armed group members in Afrin committed the war crimes of hostage-taking, cruel treatment, torture, and pillage,” the UN report stated.

There are also other reports that have come out about Afrin recently, such as the resettlement of Palestinian refugees in Afrin, while mostly Kurdish people from Afrin remain in IDP camps.

It is a reminder that at the time many spoke out about the abuses,

But overall the lack of a special rapporteur or UN role like the one in the West Bank leads to a lot of unanswered questions about the right of return for IDPs and accusations of demographic change or even minor things such as the theft of olive oil and what ongoing military and militia rule means.

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