Iran’s president wraps up strategic “new chapter” trip to Iraq

It was a “new chapter” in the strategic alliance of Iran and Iraq, Iranian news says.

Day one: “Met Pres, PM, Speaker+political & business leaders Agreed on: -Inclusive regional security -No-fee visas -Connecting railways -Dredging border river after 43 yrs -Joint industrial zones -Energy cooperation -$20B in trade -PTA 2 more days; 2 more cities…Last night, PM hosted dinner w/unprecedented guest list—a who’s who of Iraqi politics: All Iraqis are our friends; Today leaders issued historic joint declaration: -Commitment to implement 1975 Treaty -Expeditious dredging of border river: Removed another vestige of Saddam war.”

Then Day 2 and 3 “raq State Visit, Days 2-3: Met with religious, academic and tribal leaders in Baghdad, Karbala and Najaf; along with President . In Najaf, visited and conferred with four prominant religious authorities, including Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.”

Zarif paved the way: “n Iraq ahead of President Rouhani’s 3-day State visit, featuring: -Meetings w/ political/religious/business/civil society leaders in Baghdad/Karbala/Najaf -Multiple agreements on further regional, political & economic cooperation Our unshakable bonds benefit Iran, Iraq & region.”

Rouhani also met tribal leaders

Iran thinks that this is a new chapter that dates back to the 1980s. It concentrates on economic issues, the PMU and also religious connections. The goal is a total Iran-Iraq connection. And it showcases how the US has been outplayed.

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