More Yazidi and Shi’ite children returned to their families after being freed from ISIS


Video today shows Yazidi and Shi’ite children returned to families.

Ezidi Press “Musa, boy who was freed from ISIS captivity after almost 5 years in , & who we could identify recently, is back in the arms of his mothers & was received by his relatives. Both mother & son survived the genocide. His father was killed by ISIS…In addition to the 4 boys from Turkmen minority, 10+ Yazidi kids also taken by ISIS arrived today back with their families in Sinjar. Among all tears & bad endings in Syria/Iraq, every now and then a moment of joy & a good ending. This is one of these rare days.”

Jenan Moussa: “Such an emotional moment. This is the video of Haydar, the eldest brother, when he sees his 3 young brothers back home in after they were liberated from years of ISIS captivity. Their mom is still missing.”

Also other women and kids are still missing. Moussa writes, “In the meantime, I was contacted by other families in Talafar who have loved ones kidnapped by ISIS. When they knew I’m involved in bringing the kidnapped kids & family together, they sent me pics with circles around their own missing family members. I blurred to share.”

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