100s of more ISIS fighters surrender as battle continues for holdout in Baghuz


At night the fires burned inside Baghuz, artillery and airstrikes pounded ISIS.

In the afternoon several hundred reportedly surrendered,

But the battle rages on.

On Monday the SDF killed dozens and captured ISIS weapons storage, but they also took casualties.

Woofers writes “During the day there was very little fighting. Just shooting at the camp and the buildings in the middle. A dozen airstrikes took place today. No advances during the day. But as night is falling the fighting will pick up again. The SDF favor night fighting.”

Mustafa Bali notes “Baguz-Control of the armory-served in the vicinity of the camp and the deaths of dozens-continuous clashes-more than 11 air raids destroyed warehouses, fortifications and cars-4 terrorists tried to attack with explosive belts. -Terrorists have damaged our forces minesweeper-there are 4 wounded in our ranks and one martyr”….later he wrote “Al-Baguz-terrorists clashed in more than one axis the field command confirmed the killing of 38 terrorists–flying 20 air raids that led to the destruction of a number of military vehicles, defensive fortifications, ammunition depots and a command post–terrorists carried out two heat-rocket attacks in two different axes We have 10 wounded and 3 martyrs.

Mutlu Civiroglu writes “Ammunition depot exploded by SDF last week inside You can also see the trenches for civilians.”

He found ISIS mortars also. There was sniper fire in the morning.

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