How is it possible that a few thousand estimated ISIS in Baghuz became 30,000?

The numbers in Baghuz are finally sinking in. How was it possible that estimates that thought several thousand will surrender in January became up to 30,000 or so in two months? The full number may not be known because of the manner in which they were hastily evacuated to IDP camps.

But it is finally sinking in.

Mahmod Sheikh Ibrahim writes “Each day they were estimating almost same number and same numbers were leaving, I heard 3000 more than 5 times and each day around that we’re getting out”

Jewan Abdi writes: “When I arrived the estimated number of families and fighter were about 2000 left in Baghouz, but within two days 9000 have been evacuated… and no one knows how many left inside yet. Here is our story that I filmed”

Also the people leaving, particularly the women have become more brazen in their anger at the locals and the SDF and foreign journalists.

The final battle is still ongoing on March 11,

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