US and SDF can’t comprehend where so many ISIS supporters in Baghuz came from

The US and SDF are finally admitting they were surprised by the numbers of people from Baghuz who surrendered in recent weeks. It is “never ending” one article says. Mustafa Bali writes ” total of 2.600 people including Daesh militants and their families were evacuated from on March 6 and 7.”

Large numbers of ISIS members are also hard core supporters, supporting genocide and slavery. One woman tells a reporter ‘“They [Yazidis] are property. In Islam you are allowed to use them. It’s not rape in Islam.” Then she says she doesn’t read the Quran. Another foreign colonizer who came to harm locals.

The numbers are endless

A US official has also admitted errors, “We’ve been consistently wrong, as have our SDF partners, on how big this is.”

And more European ISIS.

And scenes of sadness among the young children freed from captivity.

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