Bombing reported in Mosul



A car bomb or VBIED has been reported in Mosul.

This is in the eastern part of the city, the area that was first liberated from ISIS in the fall of 2016. It is also where the University and hotels and others venues are. There was a bombing at the university gate recently, on February 27.

He points out it is the third attack in several weeks.

Ali Baroodi writes “Ninevah Health Directorate state that a 13 year old girl & a National security member were victims of the car bomb explosion in Muthana St. The explosions are targeting the most crowded spots in . Thanks for all the messages I received tonight. I am still out Mosul.”

and Tom Cat reported the same bombing, he provides the coordinates as follows: Muthanna neighborhood … It’s near Mosul University, across from the interchange for Mosul-Duhok and Highway 47. 36°22’22″N 43°10’15″E

He went on to note: “The vehicle was yellow in color. 2 killed, 10 wounded. These are the initial numbers…Update: the VBIED targeted a convoy carrying the National Security for Mosul. One the officers is who was killed…Ahmed Ali Mahmoud Issa Al-Jubouri of the National Security Service was Martyred in the VBIED earlier. Rest in Peace Hero…The other victim was a 13 year old girl. ISIS was trying to kill Colonel Hisham Najm, Director of National Security in Mosul.”

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