Finnish ISIS member whines about not be able to go back to ‘easy life’, among other foreign ISIS members from Baghuz



Mutlu Civiroglu writes “This Finnish woman came to Syria via Turkey 4 years ago. She lived in Manbij, Bab, Raqqa etc. She married twice. Her daughter is 13 now & she’s also married. Mother says they want to go to Finland because life is easier there & they want to live as Moslems there.”


He goes on to note: “Today I saw people from Germany, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia in addition to people from Belgium, Finland, France, Norway, Holland, Indonesia, Philippines, Chechenistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Russia & lots of Iraqis I saw yesterday”

A new report at WSJ nevertheless claims the SDF is only holding 2,000 “suspected ISIS fighters”

Among those found were allegedly Bosnians and others,

Photos from ISIS “tent city” were also on display

And there was another interview with the NZ ISIS member.


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