More western ISIS members in the spotlight

The seemingly never ending number of western ISIS members who have been found in Baghuz, the overall numbers of whome may number in the thousands, keep finding themselves in the spotlight. None of them have apologized for ISIS crimes, some have boasted about it, know they don’t face much charges back home and will soon be relaxing upon their return.

There is “Australian ISIS bride Zehra Duman has fled the Islamic State stronghold in Baghouz with her two young children.” The photo of her was since deleted but it showed her with several smiling aid workers and a bag of food. ABC news has written about it.

“We interviewed Kiwi jihast [sic] Mark Taylor who was captured by Kurdish forces last December. After living under Islamic State for 5 years, his biggest regret was not being able to afford a slave. He also wanted a foreign wife but says they were too high maintenance.”

Then there is the Dutch guy who joined ISIS;

And some Austrian

Some have critiqued the coverage, Yoeri Albrecht wonders if Waffen SS would have got the front page

He only attended on stoning, he says.



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