SDF advances into Baghuz, last ISIS stronghold, after fighting all night

Morning in Baghuz comes with the sound of gunfire as the SDF continue to advance into the small ISIS enclave near the Euphrates.

The battle, which began just after 18:00 Syria time, began with attacks at five points around the enclave. The SDF estimates they face 1,000 or more fighters, although some think the ISIS force is smaller.

The Rojava Information Center even put up an example of the technology being used at the front, including a tablet with a map of the area.

The battle began after the last 400 people who wanted to leave were taken out and the last hostages being held by ISIS were thought to be released.

Video, some of which was actually not from the battle, showed heavy fighting. It was difficult to confirm if some of what is placed on line was from last night. This appear to be,

ISIS is confined to an area along the river.

The battle is expected to last several days.

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