SDF: Final operation in Baghuz begins this evening


“After evacuation of thousands of civilians and our comrades who held hostage in , operation to clear the last remaining pocket of ISIS has just started at 18:00 this evening,” writes Mustafa Bali.


There was some controversy over the last 24 hours after Trump had said the area waas 100% clear, and it wasn’t.



Zana Amedi notes “Judging by what we’re told by people fled, ISIS is not simply laying down arms and surrendering. Instead they’re preparing to make a last stand which is making it harder to predict a quick ending.”

Woofers reports at 18:35 “There is now movement by the SDF to clear the Daesh camp. After this Daesh will have no hard control over anything in Syria.”

Helicopters were spotted earlier, although where exactly was not clear,




Battle is thought to take days against hundreds of ISIS fighters, some obscured in tunnels,

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