Vile ISIS crimes continue in last stand at Baghuz, Yazidis found, ‘#RescueYazidisKidnapped’ campaign

Rumors that 50 Yazidi women were executed by ISIS continue to spread after reports surfaced in the UK press.

Yerevan Saeed reports “More disgusting crimes by ISIS against the Yezidis. Shingal tribes chief says that ISIS has beheaded 50 Yezidi girls in the last several days in Syria.”

Nadia Murad also tweeted “Sources say 50 Yazidi women were beheaded in Syria by ISIS. ISIS is using Yazidi abductees as human shields. I call on ⁦⁩ to intervene. I have repeatedly asked international community to rescue Yazidis from ISIS captivity.”

A video alleged to show some of the crimes was placed in several tweets, below and here

Now there is a new campaign online to rescue Yazidis


2 Yazidi children saved

“Fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces have rescued two Ezidi children from IS-captivity in Baghouz and handed them over to the Ezidi House in the region Jazeera. Till now, managed to rescue 20 women and children from in Baghouz (ANHA)

Several sources reported this.

Civiroglu reports “Yesterday 2 Yezidi girls were liberated by SDF after five years of captivity. Earlier this week 11 Ezidi children were also freed near Baghouz, Dereizor today.”

Another report points to up to 20 saved

Yazidi tribal leaders want answers

12 more trucks for people leaving Baghuz

Today: “12 more trucks arrived in the afternoon, not fully loaded, mostly women and children with a group of 20 wounded men. One had a recent gunshot wound in his leg. We are hearing that the atmosphere inside the ISIS hold-out is panic with more that 5 thousand people remaining.”

SDF prisoners saved

“7 prisoners of SDF arrived to their city 7 fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces arrived today in al- Raqqa, who were captured by IS mercenaries recently in the battle to defeat terrorism, after they have been freed from the grip of mercenaries in al-Bagouz,” Idris al-Oso reports

Starvation supposedly faces those bitter end fighters who remain: “Some want to fight till the end and others want to flee: a split is emerging among jihadists as starvation grips their imploding ‘caliphate’ in eastern Syria,” AFP says.

Meanwhile more “ISIS fighters” appeared to be screened

Could another 2,000 have really surrendered today?

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