Day 38 of hundreds fleeing Baghuz: 600 more civilians flee, thousands supposedly still there

Another day goes by and another group of hundreds of alleged ISIS members fled the supposedly small (700 meters across) ISIS area in Baghuz…the supposed small tent area.

“More than 600 civilians along with a large number of fighters who surrendered to the SDF were evacuated from Baghouz today. SDF is predicting about a couple of thousands of civilians are still inside and to be evacuated, which is not taking less than one week,” writes the source.

This is at least day 38 of this crises because on January 21 The Middle East Center for Reporting and Analysis documented one of the first large evacuations from Baghuz.

Rojava Information Center notes “Some hundreds of people were evacuated from -controlled territory today alone. At least 40 men were among many women and children, and there was at least 1 boy. Close to 10,000 people have been evacuated in the last week.”

Also 24 SDF fighters were freed.

A video claimed to show those who were evacuated.

Questions now remain about how the 79-member Coalition, with all its technology was not prepared for this eventuality? How did they not know 10-20,000 people were crammed into this small area. Why didn’t they prepare to receive all these people.

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