Al-Fayadh meets Patrushev as Russia and Iraq discuss issues and Syria

Iraq’s National Security Advisor Falah al-Fayadh (Faleh al-Fayad ), who is also the head of the Hashd al-Shaabi council met his Russian counterpart, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, reports noted on Thursday. They also met with Deputy Foreign Minister and Special Presidential Envoy for the Middle East and North Africa Mikhail Bogdanov and Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin.

Bilateral relations were on the agenda as well as discussions about confronting terrorism and issues involving Syria. In Syria the US-led Coalition is trying to defeat ISIS in Baghuz, but ISIS members are also still a threat to Iraq. Also Russia is a close ally of Syria. Both Russia and the Hashd (PMU) oppose the US role in Syria and also the PMU are critical of the US role in Iraq.

Al-Fayadh has played a key role in Iraq over the last years and Patrushev has also been a key conduit for Russian foreign policy, both in the region and globally. He recently spoke out about the US and Venezuela.

Fayadh visited Saudi Arabia in January according to Al-Monitor.  He reportedly also spoke with Thamer al-Sabhan about Saudi interests in Iraq. The PMU had been pushing Fayadh for the position of Interior Minister.


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