A “car bomb” explodes near Mosul University

An explosion rocked a street at Mosul University on Thursday night. It took place at the Cafe Al Masqa near Mashki gate, according to Mosul Eye.

“A friend eyewitness called me. He said he was in a cafe about 50m away from the supposed car bomb site. He confirmed it was a car bomb style explosion. Shrapnels were everywhere. No casualties are reported,” writes Ali Y. Al-Baroodi.

Later it was reported on person had been killed and 23 wounded. A number of accounts tweeted images and video.

Initial reports indicated several injured.

Mosul Eye repots that people should donate blood at Al Salam hospital where the wounded were taken.

According to Najim al-Jabouri, the head of Nineveh operations command, a top Iraqi security official, the attack was expected. He implied the threats had increased recently. He said on radio that the central government had been asked to provide screening machines. New cameras have recently been installed Baroodi wrote on Twitter.

تصريح اللواء نجم الجبوري حول انفجار المجموعة الثقافية في #الموصل

قائد عمليات نينوى – نجم الجبوري

Mosul Eye says “life will continue, you can’t stop us from living.”

The last major attack in Mosul was in November in a restaurant.

The city has been working hard to recover from ISIS after more than two years of parts of it being liberated.

For instance

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