The 11 Yazidi boys rescued from ISIS tell their story

The 11 boys who were freed from ISIS told their story in the last few days to several witnesses and journalists.

Aylina Kilic writes about one of the first videos where they ask what happened in Sinjar. Did something bad happen?

She quotes one story: “13-year-old Shamir Kheder was kidnapped alongside other Yazidi children as the Islamic State overrun his homeland of Sinjar in 2014. He was forced to become a child soldier. He’s now free after a safe corridor was opened for Shamir to escape alongside others like him.”

And another “He tells a Syrian Kurdish journalist, “We were sleeping in our home just before IS attacked [Sinjar]. We tried to flee but couldn’t. We were taken to Tal Afar and to Mosul. Some of us were forced to serve IS [as slaves]. The remaining children were forced into military training.”

Rumors that more Yazidis are still held in Baghuz.

Melissa Yanmis on FB writes “On the other hand, our Ezidi brothers and sisters could not decide and had no choice. All media report on the ISIS and their families but no one reports on the suffering of the Ezidis. There are still some Ezidis in their hands, and over 3000 have disappeared. The SDF and YPG fighters are currently progressing slowly, as civilians are still present and they do not want to harm any of them. Heval Adnan Efrin said that as long as a civilian is still in Baghouz, we will slowly advance. For us it does not matter if there are jihadist families – we will not kill anyone who surrenders to us.”

Wladimir Van Wilgeburg writes more about the boys. “Daesh killed my father and took my mother,” Saddam, who is in his early teenage years, told Kurdistan 24. “We were in Shingal [Sinjar, Iraq] when Daesh [Arab Acronym for the Islamic State] attacked us and captured me and my parents, as well as my brothers and sisters. They took my mother away, and killed my father,” he said to Kurdistan 24. “I want to return home and see my family. Since my father is dead, I need to see my brothers and sisters. I don’t know where they are,” Saddam lamented.


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