Francois Hollande supports Mosul reconstruction

“Very moved to return to a city [Mosul] that I saw held hostage by Daech [ISIS]. To see her liberated is an emotion. Seeing its destroyed west part is another, sadder. We need international action to help the Iraqis rebuild Mosul,” wrote former French President Francoiss Hollande.

He tweeted after traveling to Northern Iraq and taking part in an award ceremony at in memory and honor of Shifa Gardi called the Shifa Gardi International Award. Shifa Gardi was a Rudaw journalist killed on February 25, 2017 while reporting the war on ISIS near Mosul.

Jenan Moussa won the award

Hollande met Kurdish leader Barzani and also toured other sites, including meeting Christians.

“A little over a year ago, Mosul was in the hands of Daech [ISIS] and his assassins. I am moved to come to a city now liberated. Half the city is destroyed, but there is hope. The challenge now is stabilization and reconstruction.”


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