Another “1,000” people leave Baghuz ISIS canton


According to reports the endless number of thousands of people who have left what was mockingly termed just a few dozen tents, continue to leave Baghuz.

It baffles the mind to see how many people could live in such a supposedly small. Nevertheless another 30 or so trucks helped evacuate more people.

Wladimir Van Wilgenburg reports “SDF commander Adnan Efrin told me most normal civilians without ties to IS left Baghuz 10 days ago. Now most civilians are IS family members.”

Kurdistan 24 notes “Hundreds of civilians were transported out of the Syrian town of on Saturday and taken to the Al Hawl displaced persons camp. Among them are women with membership in and their children. They will be kept in a separate section of the IDP camp.”

Originally on February 23 the thought was that women and children were being evacuated and ISIS men would stay and fight.

Rojava Information Center writes that one man disguised as a woman was found. “We also noted vehicles travelling in the same direction as the convoy of men leaving the camp. French, British and American military forces and intelligence agencies have been monitoring arrivals at the camps and have a significant presence on the ground.”

An explosion in Al-Hawl camp also reportedly killed several people.

Free Burma Rangers reports on their work here.

Nevertheless the continued evacuation of people from what was supposed to be a “Daesh’s 700 meters large caliphate site,” is perplexing.

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